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Controller ZEN450

The purpose of the controller

The controller is designed to control the motors of electric bikes, electric mopeds, electric pitbikes and light electric motorcycles.


-Advanced PMSM / BLDC motor controller

-Suitable for SPM / IPM permanent magnet synchronous motors with sensors (or without sensors)

-Motor sensor: Hall sensor, SSI, or ABI encoder

- Isolate the drive circuit to eliminate interference and improve system reliability

- Support torque control, speed control, voltage control

- Signal input source: PWM, R/C signal, analog signal

- Communication protocol: CAN, one-line

All parameters and settings of the controller can be saved to a file, sent it to the service company for analysis, or you can get new settings (file) and upload them to the controller directly from your phone.

Main Parameter

Working Voltage : 48/60/72/84/96*

Max battery current: 150A

Max phases current:  450A

Max speed: 20,0000 eRPM

PWM Switching frequency:  8~40 KHz

DC bus capacitor: 0 uF 

Rated Power:  4000 VA

Operating ambient temperature: -20~ 45 ℃

Operating temperature:  -25~100 ℃

Storage temperature:-10~40 ℃

Cooling method:   Air-cooled


SPORT / ECO mode

Speed Lim 

EBS (electric brake system) with regen function

AEBS (analog electric brake system) with regen function

CRUISE control



Weakening of the magnetic field

Mechanical parameters

Shell material ABS+PC

Shell waterproof rating IP65/IP67

Size 163 x 93 x 50mm

Weight 1.3Kg

Battery connector

Model: EC8

Main material and coating: copper gold-plated

Insulator material: PA

Rated current: 100A

Instantaneous current: 200/400A

Recommended usage times: 2000 times

Contact resistance: 0.15mQ

Rated voltage: DC 500V

Flame retardant grade: V2

Recommended wire gauge: 8AWG - 7AWG

Operating temperature: -20°C to 120°C

All The length of power cable and motor phases cable we can make according your requirements.  Also we can use your connectors in our controller.


If you need 3D file of this controller for your project - you can download it here. 3d file in Solid works (STEP)

Here you can download scheme of 30 - pin connector on the controller.  PDF formate

Here you can download APP (android)  for bluetooth connection with your controller and android Phone.

How to use APP and short video manual you can find here