At the end of May, a new belt drive swing arm for Samurai will be ready (it is possible to use it not only on Samurai but also on your projects, for this, drawings can be provided on request).

We took into account all the shortcomings of the previous model and made many changes to the new model. We lowered the battery down, installed a large comfortable motorcycle saddle, extended the rear wing, installed a powerful engine, a new powerful controller. The new display shows the battery voltage and current, the temperature of the motor and...

Now traveling on a SAMURAI electric bike become more convenient. Now you do not need to carry a charger with you. It is always with you. It is fixed on the inside of the left case. This is a special water-proof on-board charger. All you need is just a charging cable, and a simple home power socket

We design new swing arm for Samurai electirc motorcycle. The motor position , now, is more high. Can use 420 chain.

Denzel Odyssey


We start to assembling first sample of 2WD electric motorcycle Odyssey