Now, Samurai e-bike with on-board charger!


Now traveling on a SAMURAI electric bike  become more convenient. Now you do not need to carry a charger with you. It is always with you. It is fixed on the inside of the left case. This is a special water-proof on-board charger. All you need is just a charging cable, and a simple home power socket


Model: Denzel CHS

Type: On-board

Water-proof: IP67

AC (input) voltage 100V - 240V
DC (output) voltage: 84V (20S)
Charger current 10A

Overheat protection

When the internal temperature inside the charger exceed 80C, the charging current automatically reduces. When it is over 87C, the charger shuts down for protection. When the temperature falls the charger automatically resumes to charge

Protection for Reverse Connection

The circuit inside the charger shuts down with batteries when the batteries are connected reversely and will not damage the charger.

No-load protection

There is no output when the batteries are not connected.

Short Circuit Protection

The circuit inside the charger shuts down with batteries when output is short circuit. The charger will start charging only after troubleshooting and restart the charger.

Automatic shutdown

Automatic shutdown, when fully charging. The charger automatically turns off after the battery is fully charged