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Denzel Motor D5500

Motor Size:

Length=120.5 mm, diameter: 135mm
If you need exact dimensions - download 3D drawing

Short discription

It is a brushless motor with magnets, high power for heavy loads, with low current consumption.

Several variants of this motor are available.

8 poles - D5500-8P (PMSM)

10 poles - D5500-10P (IPMSM)

Also this motor can make as an option with compound 

Design features

D5500-10P (IPMSM)

Special design d5500-10P IPMSM, 10 poles motor.  

More big power, more high efficiency

Hall sensor panel

Quick-detachable panel with hall sensors, quick repair, and the ability to adjust the angle of the hall sensors


As an option we can make compound. The motor winding is filled with a special thermally conductive compound - this increases the motor power by increasing heat dissipation


Motor type: Brushless BLDC / Brushless PMSM
Voltage: 48V - 72V
Rated power: 5 kw (S7 mode)
Peak power: 6 kw
Max torque (on shaft): 44 Nm!!!!!!
Poles: 8
Speed: 4000 RPM (can make 5000rpm)
Magnet length: 60 mm
Motor length: 125 mm
Motor diameter: 125 mm
Hall sensor voltage: 5V
Weight: 5.5 kg 

Sutable for denzel bike:  Samurai V1. Samurai V2. Samurai V3, Boxon MID, Escort MID