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High quality ADV style tire


Model: CST SCOUT for e-moped
Standard: bicycle 20" x 4"
Max PSI: 30
(suitable for FAT rim 20"x80mm, 20" x 100mm" and denzel carbon wheel)

Color: Black 

Tailored for E-MOPED, The CST SCOUT is a high performance tire with compound pattern for road and cyclocross. The wide grounding pattern can provide excellent grip and stability through on the road, while the transvers and longitudinal knobs can have great acceleration and braking performance together with cyclocross traction in harsh conditions. The tailor-made TURN UP structure and FI fiber anti-puncture protection in the casing make your cycling more comfortable and safe. Special rubber was used on the tread to make a great balance between grasp and rolling resistance.

ADV TIRE 20 x 4