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Carbon Fiber Swing Arm


Swing arm material:  Carbon Fiber

Weight of swign arm:  3.5 kg

Drop out: 218 mm

Desing for motor: QS 120-60H and QS130-90HM

Motor brand: QS Motor

Rated power: 3000W

Rated Voltage: 72V

Max torque: 105.7 - 119.8 Nm

Gear ratio:  1 : 2.35

Cooling method: Air cooling

Max Efficiency:  93%

Thermic Probe: KTY83/122

Working Temperature: 70-120℃, peak 150 ℃

Hall Sensor: Single Hall Set with waterproof connectors

Phase Wire: 8mm2 Cross Section

Waterproof Grade: IP 66

Color: BLACK

Motor QS 120-60H


Front sprocket: 18T

Rear sprocket:  62T


Carbon fiber swign arm - 1 pc

Motor QS120-60H with gear box - 1 pc

Sprocket 62T-11M - 1 pc

Small sprocket 18T-11M - 1 pc 

Belt 11M-1408-17 - 1 pc

Front sprocket adapter with spacer. It's need if use belt drive, If you use this swign arm with chain - these parts you no need.

Rear sprocket adapter. Need it for installing the big sprocket on standard Samurai rear wheel hub.

Rear wheel hub right side spacer. Need it for adapt standart rear wheel hub to new swign arm drop out.

Rear wheel hub righ side spacer. Need it for adapt standart Samurai rear wheel to new swing arm drop out

Rear wheel brake holder spacer. 2 pcs. Need it for adapt your standard Samurai wheel hub to new swing arm drop out.

QS motor sprocket cover 1 pc


Air-Oil Rear Shock i-2 (Taiwan)

If you want to use new belt drive swing arm in Samurai (E-cliepse) you need to check th rear shock. Because standard rear shock length 190mm-200mm, but with new swign arm you need to use the rear shock with length 240mm-245mm.  

You can buy from us high quality rear shock I-2 made in Taiwan, or you can use rear shock other company like DHL,Rosk-shock etc.

We suggesion to use the spring force 350 lbs

Rear wheel

Contact with us if you need standard or carbon fiber rear wheel (or full complect of the wheel), 

We suggest to use in rear 16" or 17" motorcycle wheel size.