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Denzel Alarm


Model: Denzel ALR-5A

Voltage:  48V - 72V - rated power

Power: 360W ,  Current 5 A


ALarm has two pcs water proff ramote control.


5A qiuck removable FUSE

Wire digram

3-pin SM connector

Red -  input battery voltage

Black - Ground (minus) of battery

Orange - key (Power On)



If you have probem with your alarm, please check here how can solve this problem

1. You push any button in remote control - but nothing happen.

1.1  Please be sure your battery is working.   Check battery connector.  Check automatic switcher (it is must to be ON).

1.2  Check the input voltage on 3-pin connector (red color), you need to measure voltage (by voltmeter) between Red color and GRD.  If no have voltage - please contact with us.

1.3. If the RED color wire has voltage = battery voltage,   please make next step:

     - Check (by multimeter) short curcuit between ORANGE and GRD wire.  If between these wires - short curcuit - please contact with us.

      - Check the FUSE of alarm, if it was burned - please replace it (5A), and check again your alarm. If no have result - change the alarm.

2. Your START / STOP button always ON and if you push it no have any result.


3. Your remote control does not working or working only very closly of the bike

Please change the remot controle battery.